Membership access to log database


Geological Data Library, Inc. is a member-owned log library located in the heart of downtown Houston.  


GDL has served the energy sector for 18 years and has the best archives of unique and acquired logs and other data in Houston.  GDL is the official repository for Rice University, University of Houston and Texas A&M University.  


Team Effort

Accessing and utilizing data is the edge in today's competitive business world.  GDL aids in the transformation of data to information by providing remote digital access to production data, drilling records and more.  Thousands of our proprietary raster logs can be pulled down or ordered over the Internet and the duplicate paper logs can be checked out for liberal periods of time.  

Our professional staff of geotechs assists members by assembling time-sensitive data for courier, shipping or pickup.  Easy!  As a member, you have saved valuable time that can be directed towards assimilating the information for your successful energy venture.  In fact, one-third of GDL's membership is located outside of Houston.


In addition to data GDL also provides the most useful software applications in the industry for organizing and utilizing data.  We have powerful workstations loaded with SMT's 2D/3D Pak and GeoGraphix  SeisVision for working 3D seismic data sets.  GeoGraphix Explorer is  available for mapping and data processing.  Our 36" Contex scanner is ideal for quick and easy scanning of maps and logs.  A full suite of Neurolog applications can be used to digitize logs and maps for use in Neuralog or for export to 3D seismic applications or GeoGraphix.  

GDL is committed to always offering the very best data services in Houston.  It prides itself in providing continued improvements based on its members' needs.  Come by and visit our facilities and see why we're number one in Houston.

Contact Information

If our services can add value to your operations please send us an email, call or come by and visit with us. Sue Campos has been Manager of GDL for 18 years and she, Ester or any of the geotechs will be happy to answer your questions, discuss membership options and give you a tour of our facilities.


Sue Campos, Manager
713 658-0033
          Houston, Texas 77002
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